Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is the media unbiased when covering the government?

   How many times have we seen news articles from anonymous sources criticizing the conservative government and never mention if  he / she or they have any connection with opposition parties,one, two, millions? But as soon as we have someone or an organization  criticizing the leader of the liberal party of Canada Justin Trudeau for example, for the 20 grand payment from a charity, journos need to somehow find a way to undermine the organization by snooping to see if their representative has worked, donated or has any kind of links to the conservative party of Canada!

    Here is an example:   http://goo.gl/mia9L    Do these news organizations out peoples criticizing the government where journos only mentions them as anonymous sources?  So I ask this, "Is the media unbiased when covering the government?"  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Canada - China trade deal or FIPA

Here is my two cents on Canada - China trade deal and the lack of debate in the house of commons! The only one in parliament who feels that Canada's - China trade deal is a top priority to be debated is Ms. Elizabeth May! Yea sure the opposition are also demanding from the government to put the treaty up for a debate, problem is that the NDP had three count them three opposition days to be used for debate Canada's - China's treaty deal, not one, not two, but three days! What did they do with them you ask? They squandered them and they have the nerve to criticize the govt? Ha! Now for the third party in the house, yes I'm talking about the liberals! They had one opposition day where they could have used it for debate. They wasted their day by presenting a motion where they tried to embarrass Mr. Harper when he was in opposition criticizing the liberal government of the day on their use of omnibus bills! Now for the liberals that was far more important than to use their day constructively by forcing a debate on Canada - China treaty! When you hear the NDP and liberals criticizing the lack of debate on this issue, they're just being hypocrites! There i said it! One more thing, do I believe the government should bring it forward for a debate? "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Your thoughts!

Monday, August 22, 2011

RIP. Mr.Jack Layton!

July 18, 1950 ~ August 22, 2011

Even though I disagreed immensely with Mr.Layton's politics I never considered him as an enemy! For what I have heard from those who knew him personally to a person all say what you saw from Mr.Layton in public, he was the same in private. I never had the honor to meet Mr.Layton. Today Canada has lost a GIANT of a man! These are his last words to Canadians, in a letter. To Mr.Layton's family, friends and to the New Democratic Party of Canada,my sincere heartfelt sympathies. Thank you Jack for your service to your country, our country that we love very much "CANADA!" With this I'll end by saying GOODNIGHT Jack may your memory live on through the end of time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Market over Monopoly Anytime!

I consider myself a Capitalist and someone who is in favor of freedom and a free market system! That's not to say government shouldn't have any say in our market system,but the less they're involved the better for everyone in my opinion! I think you know where I'm getting at! I believe the "Canadian Wheat Board" should be dismantled and let individual farmers decide how they want to market their products! It's called "freedom of choice!" Now I know some will say,"but they have elections, so why do they always elect peoples that want to keep the CWB?" I say to that, "why should farmers that don't want to be part of CWB be forced to?" Now I've heard the comparison made with electing the government,example Mr.Harper is the PM but not everyone voted for the conservative government,so they have to accept this situation! I think it's a ridiculous comparison! Peoples who voted against the conservative government in the last election are represented by opposition Mps,while those farmers who voted not to be part of the CWB are represented by who?

Here is a article from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are Public Sector Unions using Safety Issues as an Excuse?

Why is it every time the "Public Sector Unions" go on strike they almost always use the mantra they need to improve the safety of their members? This has been going on for many decades! If "Public Sector Unions" really cared about the safety of their members,they wouldn't bring up the same old same old story every time their contracts expire! What are you saying,you ask? If "Public Sector Unions"really gave a damn about their members they would once and for all fix the problem and not come back to it over and over again!

My sense is they use this as an excuse so they can extract more and more concessions from taxpayers once their contracts expire! They also know governments are weak in standing up to them! I'm not an anti union guy! I just can't stand unions using safety concerns as an excuse in extracting concessions from employers which have nothing to do with safety!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Typical NHL Decision or Interpretation !!!!!